Revealed! How to Turn On The "Fertility Switch" in Your Body.

I don’t care how “old” you are, how many doctors have told you that you will never get pregnant, and how helpless the situation may seem.

You Can Get Pregnant 12-16 Weeks From Now With My Clinically Proven Fertility Diet and Unique 12 Step Fertility Program for Women and Men.

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Try the Organic Fertility Bible program, 100% at my risk. If it doesn’t immediately get you pregnant in 12-16 short weeks…increase your health and vitality…and give you amazing energy, then send it back…and every penny of your purchase will be returned.

An Urgent Message To Anyone Struggling To Get Pregnant

If your current pregnancy “plan” is not getting you pregnant, you need to stop what you’re doing right now and continue reading…

“I have been trying to conceive for almost four years  now.  I had a miscarriage last year which made the problem much  worse.  It’s been daunting mentally and emotionally.  Thankfully, this  year I discovered the Organic Fertility Bible after taking to some  people I know from forums…. 4 months after I completed the program I  was able to get pregnant.  Thank you Sophia!!!!” – Maria S.

Get Pregnant With Our 12-Step Program Even If:

  • You’re 40+
  • Had IUDs
  • Have High FSH
  • Have Unexplained Infertility
  • Have Damaged Ovaries
  • Have A History of Miscarriages
  • Have Tried to Have a Baby for Years without Success
  • Have Blocked Fallopian Tubes
  • Have Scarring in the Uterus
  • You have fibroids (benign smooth-muscle tumours of the uterus)
  • Have STDs that can cause infertility including chlamydia
  • Have been diagnosed with Endometriosis or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Tried IVF in the past without success
  • Have Menstrual Irregularities
  • Are Suffering From Secondary Infertility
  • Have Hypothyroidism and other Hormonal Disorders
  • Have Infertility Caused by Medical Intervention (such as Cancer Treatments)
  • Men: You have A Low Sperm Count, Poor Sperm Motility or Irregular Sperm

How I Got Pregnant With A Fertility Diet and Gave Birth To Two Healthy Children at 42 Years Old

November 1, 2010


My name is Sophia David and I want to share with you the story of how I got pregnant at 42 years old.

First, let me tell you, I know exactly how you feel right now….Depressed, angry, upset, frustrated, and worst of all – hopeless.

When me and my husband first got married we knew we wanted to have kids. But as time passed and our careers moved forward, we still didn’t have the baby or babies that we initially planned for.

As time continued to pass, we got worried. It began to dawn on us that maybe we were having problems conceiving.

We finally booked an appointment with a fertility specialist and we both had some tests done. The doctor told me that my fallopian tubes were partially blocked and that my “fertility reserves” were very low. As if that wasn’t bad enough, my husband was diagnosed as having a low and poor quality sperm count! How embarrassing!

I was SHOCKED. We were a normal happy and healthy couple. How could we be having infertility problems? The doctor gave us our options and we were left in the dark.

We Spent $30 000 on IVF With NO Success

In the end, I started taking fertility drugs, specifically Clomid (clomiphene). I actually got pregnant twice with Clomid but they both ended up being ectopic pregnancies and I had to have them terminated. Clomid also gave me so many side effects that I decided to stop taking it. I was getting depressed, I couldn’t sleep at night and just felt like crap.

Clomid has side effects including enlarged ovaries, vaginal dryness, insomnia, blurred vision, depression, heavy bleeding during and between periods and dizziness to name a few.  Clomid can also increase the chance of multiple fetuses which can cause problems during pregnancy and delivery and can even threaten the babies’ survival.

After much discussion with my husband, I decided to try IVF. Although we didn’t have the extra cash for it, we got a second mortgage. I don’t know what we were thinking.

Each IVF session cost us $15,000. We tried it twice without success.

I Decided To Cure My Infertility Naturally

I began a 6 month cycle in and out of depression. We didn’t have any more options. The doctor told us that we should just give up or start looking at adoption.

I have always been a strong believer in the body’s ability to heal itself and I decide to take my infertility problems into my own hands. I began a full on quest to deal with my infertility naturally. I became obsessed with finding a cure for my infertility.

I decided that I wasn’t going to give over my fertility to these doctors anymore and that I was going to get pregnant no matter what.

I changed my diet to the FERTILITY DIET, adjusted my lifestyle and spent every waking hour researching natural fertility methods.

I asked my husband to embark on this journey with me as well, although he was hesitant, he reluctantly agreed and started eating a fertility diet as well to help improve his sperm quality and quantity. Together we worked to reverse our infertility.

After 6 months, and almost 5 years since we started this infertility journey – I took a pregnancy test one day and found out that it was positive. IT WAS POSITIVE. I confirmed with the doctor that yes it was indeed positive and I told my husband the INCREDIBLE NEWS.

I took a picture to show my friends and family abroad.  9 months later I delivered Leighla – our BEAUTIFUL and HEALTHY 8 and 1/2 pound baby girl. Not too long afterward I gave birth to our HANDSOME and HEALTHY son Robby. :)

What Is The Fertility Diet?

The fertility diet is a powerful clinically proven method of eating that will help your body to detoxify, lose weight, skyrocket your health and help your body to get pregnant fast.

Why is the fertility diet so powerful? Simply because the fertility diet helps your body to run the way it’s suppose to.

Your body wasn’t designed to eat fast food, artificial flavors, preservatives and junk, it was meant to eat high quality foods. The fertility diet will teach you exactly what those are and bring your body back to a state of harmony. It’s only when you heal your body from the inside, will you be able to get pregnant quickly and naturally.

What Is The 12-Step Fertility Program?

The 12-Step Fertility Program is a proven step-by-step method that reverses infertility by healing the body, mind, and spirit. The 12-Step Fertility Program worked in conjunction with the Fertility Diet is skyrocket your reproductive wellness, Guaranteed!

I developed this program based on what has helped me become pregnant after I realized how many women could benefit from my natural fertility methods.

Since 2009 my program has helped thousands of couples around the world to conceive naturally!

My approach involves education, diet, herbal and nutritional supplementation, reduction in fertility pollution, toxins, chemicals, lifestyle habits, exercise to improve the productive response, therapeutic visualization, meditation, internal self-inquiry, emotional support, and cognitive restructuring.

This is also an essential program for fertile couples who just want to prepare for the healthiest conception possible.

Attention Men

You Said This Program Works for Men As Well?

Yes! Male infertility accounts for 50% of all known causes of infertility in couples contrary to what most people think. The woman is not always responsible for causes of infertility!

Low sperm count is the primary cause of infertility in men.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a “low sperm count” is defined as a count of less than 20 million sperm per millilitre of ejaculate.

Many men have been able to improve their sperm motility, sperm morphology and increase their sperm count with the Organic Fertility Bible. Most of the people who purchase the Organic Fertility Bible are women but they choose to do the program with their partner as well.

Here is a snapshot of one of my clients sperm analysis’s with his physician. He started with no sperm (Azoospermia), improved his sperm count to 9.4 million and then jumped up to an astonishing 110 million. Click on each image to see the sperm analysis in more detail.

Click Here to enlarge image

Click Here to enlarge image

Click Here to enlarge image

Shown below is a sperm analysis from another client who wanted to remain anonymous. Before his sperm count was at 1.8 million per millimetre. After you can see that his sperm count skyrocketed to 12.8 million per millilitre. You can see his morphology improved as well.

Although he’s not at 20 million plus yet, his sperm is continuing to improve and he said he will send me updates soon!

“Hi Sophia! I don’t know if you remember me, but I wrote to you about a year ago a few months after I had my first born son Jimmy after I completed your program. I am now pregnant again! I just wanted to update you with the good news and e-mail you a recent picture of Jimmy…. Thank you so much for everything you have done for our family. We are still eating a fertility diet for health even though I am no longer trying to get pregnant! God Bless You. John and Melissa Mandel, Bristol, England”

Can This Program Help Me Get Pregnant?


If you’re like most of my patients by the time you have heard this information you have been trying to have a child for years. You have spent a lot of time, money and anxiety scrambling around researching options, shopping for doctors, having expensive lab testing and trying Clomid, IUI, or IVF. You may even have tried dieting, herbs, acupuncture and yoga.

You couldn’t be much more stressed than you are right now. You feel you are running out of time, you may not be eating well, your relationship with your partner may have suffered greatly from the stain of the fertility process.

It’s time to stop the struggle.

Every day I hear stories about couples who have gotten pregnant with my program after they have tried everything else without success.


6 False Beliefs About Infertility

False Belief #1 – Infertility is a woman’s problem

According to American Society for Reproductive Medicine approximately 1/3 of infertility is attributed to the female partner, 1/3 attributed to the male partner and one-third is caused by a combination of problems in both partners or is unexplained.

False Belief #2 – Infertility can be “fixed” by visiting a fertility clinic

Infertility treatments are not guaranteed.  Infertility treatments are a black art at best. The clinics market hope and softly-focused baby images, but many couples walk away from treatments with empty arms and empty bank accounts. Often the private fertility clinics that advertise the highest success rates only treat the easiest cases.

False Belief #3 – Infertility is self-inflicted. It’s caused by waiting too long to start a family

FALSE. Many people like to think this is true. It gives them license to ignore the pain and suffering experienced by those who came equipped with less than perfectly functioning equipment. The truth is to successfully make a baby everything has to be working together perfectly. Fertility does diminish with age, (for both men and women), but age aside, many of the biological problems leading to infertility are long-standing conditions.

False Belief #4 – Infertility is stress-induced

If stress were the cause of infertility there would be no babies born in countries at war, in cases of rape or areas with economic deprivation.  In other words “just relaxing” is not a fertility treatment.

False Belief #5 – Infertility can be “cured” by adoption

Adoption is one way to become a parent. It provides a loving home for a child in need, but it does not “cure” the desire to create new life.

False Belief #6 – Infertility affects only a handful of people

FALSE. There are millions of couples around the globe who struggle with this condition, one in eight couples in the U.S. alone.

Infertility Rates Are Increasing

Currently, in the United States, about 20% of couples struggle with infertility at any given time. Infertility has increased as a problem over the last 30 years and there is no end in sight.

In about 3-4% of couples, no cause for their infertility will be discovered.

About 40% of the time, the root of the couple’s infertility is due to a problem with the male partner; about 40% of the time, the root of the infertility is due to the female partner; and about 20% of the time, there are fertility problems with both the man and the woman.

Medical Treatments For Infertility

If a couple is infertile because the woman is not ovulating, infertility drugs may be prescribed to stimulate the ovulation.

The first step usually is to try a drug such as Clompiphene (clomid). If that doesn’t work, human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) may be tried, usually in combination with other infertility drugs. Clompiphene and HCG may also be used to treat other conditions in both males and females.

As mentioned, these drugs have side effects including insomnia, blurred vision, depression, heavy bleeding during and between periods and dizziness to name a few. These drugs can also increase the chance of multiple fetuses which can cause problems during pregnancy and delivery and can even threaten the babies’ survival.

“Hi Sophia, I wrote to you when I first got pregnant after reading the Organic Fertility Bible. I was diagnosed as having blocked fallopian tubes and managed to give birth to our first son Alan after using your program. I just wanted to keep you updated on our family and let you know how well we are doing! I’ve attached a recent photo of Alan. Me and my husband are now trying for a second child! I know we will succeed thanks to your program… Claire Irving, Mommy of Alan, Augusta,Maine”

Surgical Treatment for Infertility

Assisted reproductive techniques include invitro fertilization (IVF), gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT), and zygote intrafallopian tube transfer (ZIFT) are usually used after other treatments have failed.

IVF involves the conception of ova and sperm in a laboratory. An embryo is then transferred into the female’s uterus, and the wait begins to see if any or all of them implant and result in an actual pregnancy.

IVF is extremely costly ($10,000+) and success rates average around only 10-15%. Both GIFT and ZIFT are also extremely expensive ($8,000+ and $15,000+ respectively) have success rates of around 10%. Meaning that MOST PEOPLE FAIL when they use surgical treatments for infertility!

The REAL PROBLEM in today’s high tech world of IVF and assisted reproductive options however is the lack of optimum preconception and pregnancy preparation — ultimately required by both prospective parents for at least 120 days to ensure the highest quality of the egg and sperm developed prior to a conception attempt.

The Organic Fertility Bible 12-Step Natural Fertility Treatment Program

The 12-Step Natural Fertility Program involves treating the couple holistically and targeting the root of the problem.

The source of the infertility problem is pinpointed and dealt through diet, herbs, detoxification and other natural therapies.

Many women, men and couples have found amazing success with my program when other conventional methods have failed them.

The program is also cost effective and non-invasive to the couple trying to conceive.

Comparison Chart of Fertility Treatments


Organic Fertility Bible

Medical Treatment (Infertility Drugs)

Surgical Treatment (IVF, ZIFT, GIFT)

Guaranteed Results

Female Infertility
Female Infertility

No Side Effects

Female Infertility
Female Infertility
Female Infertility


Female Infertility
Female Infertility
Female Infertility

Cost Effective (My program costs LESS THAN 1% of an IVF treatment!)

Female Infertility
Female Infertility
Female Infertility

Improves Your Overall Health, Vitality and Well Being

Female Infertility
Female Infertility
Female Infertility

Targets the ROOT of the Problem

Female Infertility
Female Infertility
Female Infertility

Cures both MALE and FEMALE infertility problems

Female Infertility
Female Infertility
Female Infertility

“Sophia I just wanted to email in my testimonial and success story. My husband and I were diagnosed with unexplained infertility about 7 years ago. After 6 artificial insemination’s and 2 IVFs we still had no luck. Thankfully my friend forwarded me this book and now I can say that my husband Mark and I are proud parents of our daughter Katie. You really do not need costly medical procedures to get pregnant! I am a testimony to that! Elaine Wong, Mom of Katie, Baltimore, Maryland”

The Organic Fertility Bible (Brand New 2010 Edition – VERSION 2)

Female Infertility

The Organic Fertility Bible is a natural fertility program for both for the mother AND the father.

The program has worked for many couples who have been unable to conceive for years.


  • PREVENT, CONTROL AND REVERSE conditions that impair fertility (page. 26)
  • The Powerful 12 STEP FERTILITY PROTOCOL will teach you HOW TO GET PREGNANT FAST (page. 27)
  • Find out what natural food supplements you MUST TAKE while trying to get pregnant (page. 109)
  • ANCIENT herbs and supplements to combat BOTH MALE and FEMALE infertility problems (page. 133)
  • AGE-OLD HERBAL FERTILITY boosting methods that work INSTANTLY (page. 131)
  • How to change your love making to increase your chances of conception (page. 148)
  • Start taking the CLINICALLY PROVEN Natural Fertility Supplement that has helped tens of thousands of couples to get pregnant (page. 138)
  • The TRUTH about MALE infertility and what to do about it (page. 11)
  • How WHITE BREAD may be causing you to be infertile (page. 115)
  • How foods you are eating right now are RUINING your chances of having a happy and healthy baby (page. 37)
  • REVEALED: Ways to increase your sperm count naturally including the “sex vitamin” that carries oxygen to the sex organs and increases sperm count! (page. 94)
  • What VITAMINS you must WATCH OUT FOR and NEVER overdose on before pregnancy (page. 87)
  • Toxins and Chemicals that you ABSOLUTELY need to avoid in both FOOD and personal products that are linked to infertility (page. 57)
  • DISCOVER the POWER of RAW FOODS and fertility (page. 101)
  • Learn about this ONE THING that keep your body from EVER getting sick again and that may hold the key to your fertility! (page. 101)
  • What is ALKALINITY and how can it REVERSE your infertility? (page. 76)
  • Learn both EASTERN and WESTERN fertility secrets (page. 132)
  • How to PROPERLY detoxify to get rid of gunk in your system, parasites, heavy metals and more! These things may be holding your fertility back! (page. 125)
  • What exactly are EMFs and how do they affect your health? (page. 117)
  • Two POWERFUL SUPERFOODS that will increase your sex drive and SKYROCKET your health (page. 131)
  • The mind-body connection: How FERTILE IDEAS can boost your fertility (page. 148)

We don’t care how long you have been trying to get pregnant. Because frankly, this program WILL WORK for you!

“Me and Michael have been trying to have a baby for more than 3 and a half years. Now we can proudly say that we are finally parents. Thank you giving us the son and the baby that we have always wanted. Words will never be able to express the joy and love that you have brought to our family. Thank you. Michael and Jennifer Cavagin, Parents of Ryan, Milwaukee, Wisconsin”

Try The Organic Fertility Bible Today and Get These 7 Bonuses ($439 Value) Absolutely Free

7000+ Baby Names with Origins

Bonus #1 – 7000+ Baby Names with Origins ($77)

  • A giant 146 pages!
  • Hundreds of unknown and unique baby names to choose from
  • The meaning of each name listed
  • Find the PERFECT baby name for your future baby
  • Choose a baby name that NO ONE else has!
  • Names from English, African, French, German, Japanese, American, Chinese, Hawaiian, Hindu, Irish, Latin, Egyptian, Biblical, Armenian, Italian, Greek, Welsh origins and more!
  • The ONLY baby name book you will need

Fertility Secrets Unlocked

Bonus #2 – Fertility Secrets Unlocked ($77)

  • How to eat a HORMONE BALANCING diet
  • Just 4 grams a day of this common “food” put women at high risk of infertility
  • How TAMPONS affect your fertility
  • How to deal with infertility through ANCIENT CHINESE WISDOM
  • The often overlooked CONNECTION between FSH and fertility
  • What is Premature Ovarian Failure and how to deal with it
  • How to recognize and deal with endometriosis

Preparing for Pregnancy

Bonus #3 – Preparing for Pregnancy ($67)

  • Get a complete look at the pregnancy process from start to finish
  • A look at routine doctors visit schedule throughout pregnancy
  • Find out all the SYMPTOMS you will experience during pregnancy
  • Guidelines for GOOD HEALTH during pregnancy
  • “Foods” and other things to AVOID during pregnancy
  • How to properly EXERCISE during pregnancy
  • The Trimesters of Pregnancy explained in DEPTH and DETAIL
  • How to be prepared during DELIVERY

Sperm Secrets

Bonus #4 – Sperm Secrets ($57)

  • The ULTIMATE guide for men who have abnormal sperm or just want to BOOST the quality of their sperm
  • Learn how to naturally increase sperm volume
  • An overview of the sperm cell and it’s complex journey
  • Reasons for the Increase and Decrease in Sperm Count
  • How weight and the quality of sperm are related
  • How to avoid andropause, the male equivalent of menopause
  • Environmental factors that can affect impotence

An Introduction to Yoga

Bonus #5 – Yoga for Fertility ($57)

  • A massive 113 pages!
  • CHANNEL YOUR ENERGY throughout your body and to your reproductive organs
  • Discover the secrets of Yoga and what it can do for you
  • Various positions explained with diagrams
  • How to properly relax and stretch with Yoga
  • Learn how to cure insomnia and fatigue
  • Deal with constipation and back problems
  • How to lose weight and improve your body shape with Yoga

The Vegetarian Advantage

Bonus #6 – The Vegetarian Advantage ($47)

  • How a vegetarian diet can dramatically help your fertility
  • Why you NEED TO start incorporating more greens into your diet
  • The DANGERS of eating meat, poultry and seafood
  • Learn about the different types of vegetarians
  • Why and how vegetarians have a health advantage over their meat eating counterparts
  • How to transition gradually to a vegetarian diet

Raw Food Secrets

Bonus #7 – Raw Food Secrets for Fertility ($57)

  • What exactly is the raw food diet and how it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE
  • Why SPROUTS and JUICING are essential to vital health
  • The importance of ORGANIC foods
  • How you can COMPLETELY detoxify though DIET ALONE
  • Why you shouldn’t drink water while eating

Read The Organic Fertility Bible Risk Free

I’m so confident in my program that I am offering a 8 week LIFETIME 100% money back guarantee.

If after you have tried the program and still still can’t get pregnant even after a year, simply return it and keep all the bonuses for free!

I only ask that you honestly try this program and do everything that has been outlined in the Organic Fertility Bible program thoroughly.

Female Infertility

Having The Child That You Have Always Wanted: Priceless

Let me ask you this: What if JUST ONE piece of information from this program helped you to become FERTILE? Just ONE.

How much would that be worth to you? A thousand dollars? Ten thousand? More? For most people I know, this information would be priceless.

The cost of medical procedures such as IVF alone cost $10 000 and up.

This is one small investment that you can make with an unlimited amount of return.

“This is Rhea….Sophia we just wanted to tell you that without your book, this miracle would have never been born….We THANK YOU for filling that void in our lives. You have given us something that money could NEVER buy. Please post this testimonial on your website and let parents know what a journey it has been for us and how lucky we are to have found your book and now have Rhea. THANK YOU. Tim and Sarah Fenton, Parents of Rhea, Berkley, California”

You Deserve to Have the Baby You Want! Don’t Wait Any Longer…

Female Infertility

Yes!I want to take take control of my fertility! I understand that I am 100% protected by your SOLID 8 week money back guarantee and that hundreds of couples have been able to get pregnant with your fertility diet and fertility program.

Special Until 12:00pm EST

Organic Fertility Bible Package

You Will Instantly Get:

  • Organic Fertility Bible Ebook
  • 7000+ Baby Names With Origins
  • Fertility Secrets Unlocked Ebook
  • Preparing for Pregnancy Ebook
  • Sperm Secrets Ebook
  • An Introduction to Yoga Ebook
  • The Vegetarian Advantage Ebook
  • Raw Food Secrets Ebook

Regular Price:$536

Your Cost: Only $47

You Save: $488 (91% OFF)

Female Infertility

Download the Organic Fertility Bible and 7 Free Bonus Books Now (Total Worth $536. Now Only $47)

Female Infertility

Please Note

The Organic Fertility Bible is not available in stores and is only available online from this website. It is a PDF format EBook which you will gain instant access to immediately after purchasing and can be viewed on either a MAC or PC.

Nothing is mailed to you, these are downloadable products only.

You can download a PDF reader from Adobe Systems Inc. by clicking here.

Need to speak with a live person? E-mail us at CustomerService [@]

“Dear Sophia, I wanted to write you an e-mail to express how much your program has meant to our family. I was diagnosed with endometriosis and tried for years to get pregnant without success. However after trying your 12-Step Program, I was able to give birth to twin boys (twins run in the family) – Josh and Toby. I am now currently pregnant again with a baby girl – we’re going to name her Sarah. I have attached a photo of my family to date. Thank you for our miracle babies. :) Joanna and Brendan Danna, Parents of Toby, Josh and Sarah, Vancouver, Canada”

Thank You

For taking the time to read this. I can’t wait to add your story to the hundreds of testimonials I have already received!

To YOUR Pregnancy Success,

Natural Fertility Specialist

Ps. This is an EXTREMELY low one time fee for you to cure infertility.

You can get pregnant in as little as 3-6 months on our program. IVF can cost $10 000+ and DOESN’T ALWAYS WORK. Our program is 100% guaranteed and is backed by hundreds of successful couples!

The cost of our 12-Step Fertility Program is incredibly low compared to other fertility methods available today! That being said, this LOW introductory price is not going to last very long.

PPs. You WILL NOT be able to find the 12-Step Fertility Program online in one place because it does not exist.

There is NO Other Program like the Organic Fertility Bible either online or in a store.  The Organic Fertility Bible 12-Step Program is the unique result of my dedicated research and personal experience curing infertility.

I have been receiving tons of feedback from customers telling us that they wish more women and men struggling with infertility knew about the OFB.

Which is why I lowered the cost of this program to make it more accessible, even though I know it is much too low for what it’s worth. But I intend on holding out for a little longer.  So hurry and grab your copy today…and get pregnant in as little as 12 weeks from now!

PPs. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns that you would like to have answered before you order.

Don’t dismiss this once in a lifetime opportunity just because you have some doubts, the Organic Fertility Bible has worked for thousands of couples worldwide. You can contact me personally at Sophia [@] I know my program can help you to get pregnant too!

Unsolicited Testimonials From Couples Who Have Gotten Pregnant With The Organic Fertility Bible

“Hi Sophia, I appreciate everything you did for me last year :) . Richard is a sweet (and photogenic, as you’ll see in the photos! boy – born at 12:42am on May 2, 2009). It’s funny how the timing worked out – the day I started your program was on May 1, 2008 and he was born almost exactly 1 year later! Karma? Fate? Conincidence? Hope all is well with you! :) Stefanie D., Mommy of Richard, Austin, Texas”

“Me and my family just wanted to write you an email and thank you sincerely from the bottom of our hearts for giving us another child.  After our first daughter we had been trying for 5 years to conceive again with no luck.  We were $34, 000 down and has no where else to turn  to.  Thankfully we found your book online.  Our daughter is now 2   months  old and a happy and healthy baby.  Thank you so so much. Jeff and Mary Ann Conkling, Parents of Deborah, Toronto, Ontario”

“Hi Sophia….Well, she is finally here!  Angela arrived on July 3 at  11:20 PM weighting 7 lbx 1oz and 20 and one half inches long.  We had a  long labour (I was induced) and the deliver had it’s tricky moments, but  she is here, safe, sound and is doing well now.  The breastfeeding is  going well so far and she has regained her birthweight and then some.   She is a pretty good baby and puts up with me as I go through the  learning curve of caring for a newborn!  Of course, I cannot nearly  express what you have done for us.  I truly believe that Angela would  not be here if it weren’t for you Sophia.  Your expertise, knowledge and  experience are truly a gift.  And your consistent encouragement and  positive attitude kept me believing that this could happen.  You are an  angel and it is my wish that all women who need your help will find you.   I have attached a picture of Angela and my husband Corey.  Sincerely,  and with much gratitude, Jenn XOXOXO Jenn and Corey F., parents of Angela, Madison, Wisconsin”

“Sophia!  I feel like you’re my best friend in the whole entire world  even though I have never met you.  Why?  Because you have given me the  greatest gift anyone could ask for, a child.  I’m currently 7 months  pregnant and it has all been thanks to your program and fertility diet!   I was diagnosed with PCOS 3 years ago and I thought I would never be  able to get pregnant.  But now I have proven everyone wrong and I  couldn’t be happier….  Your fertility diet is amazing!  Thank you  thank you thank you. Chloe Stock, Perth, Australia”

“Sophia, Me and my wife have been spreading the good word about your   fertility diet and program to everyone who will listen to us.  Everyone   is so happy for us that we have finally been able to get pregnant  after a  long roller coaster of fertility treatments and tests non-stop.   Poor  Mary has had to endure everything from IUI to ZIFT before we  found your  program online.  I’m just finally happy that this is all  finally over. Lord Bless You. Roger and Mary Thomas, Las Vegas, Nevada”

“I almost didn’t believe the pregnancy test, but yes!  I am pregnant!    I will forever be grateful to you and I extend the deepest feelings  of  gratitude and thanks towards you.  I hope one day I will be able to   meet you and thank you in person. Vanessa, Manhattan, New York”

Hi Sophia, How are you doing?  I’m just sending an updated photo of  me with my newborn daughter Kimberly.  I send you photos when I  initially got pregnant with your program, but I thought it would be nice  to keep in touch and let you know how I am doing.  Every day that I  look at Kim when I tuck her into bed, I say a quick Thank You! to you.   So thank you again.  Kimberly would not have been born without you.” Denise Miller, mommy of Kimberly, Washington, DC

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